Order quantity: 3 Pieces

Product Code: Z2066

Notebook Japanese Mini blossoms, 15 x 21 cm, plain colour spine, 80 pages creme machine made paper, every 8 pages a coloured lokta paper, in: 11 lemon yellow/ white, 281 light magenta/ white

Paper can be used with nearly any pencil (Marker, pencil, pen). Ink can lead to a little difused look, but only very little. Our handmade Indian cotton recycling sheetsare still made like ages before. Rags are pulped in a Hollander beater. This pulp will be disolved in a water bassin and then poured onto the paper frame/screen. The screen is a wooden frame with a mesh that allows the water to drain out. The sheet is thus formed on the screen. The sheet will then be dried between layers of woolen felt. A pile of these will then be placed into a press and all the water is pressed out of the sheets. They are then hung on lined to fully dry.