Order quantity: 12 Pieces

Product Code: BF004

20-25g, sheet plain colour, in: 03 ivory, 12 tiger yellow, 13 orange, 14 pumpkin, 20 cherry red, 22 red, 23 bordeaux, 24 magenta, 32 violet, 33 lavender, 43 royal blue, 44 dragon blue, 45 dove blue, 46 aquamarine, 47 blue ocean, 50 mountain lake green, 51 emerald green, 52 young green, 53 bamboo green, 551 malachite, 56 reed, 58 moor, 59 olive, 61 chocolate, 611 lemonade, 72 pearl, 73 raven, 77 stone grey

Nearly all of our papers are made from the bark of the mulberry bush. the branches of the bush are being harvested and the bark is peeled of these branches. Within the coming 3-5 years the bush will regrow the branches. The bark is then beaten and cooked until it becomes smooth. This pulp will then be “dissolved“ in a large water tank into which the screen for the sheet is placed – by moving the screen in the water tank the pulp is spread evenly throughout the screen. The screen is slowly removed from the water – the sheet is ready – it will be dried by having the screen exposed to sun light – either in vertical shape – or traditionally in an angle.