Can I order at Tudi Billo?

Please note that we are wholesaler and therefor can only deliver to retailers and manufacturers. Thank you for your understanding.


How can I open an account if I am not yet a customer of Tudi Billo? 

Please click on „login/ registration“ (at the top right hand side), here you can open an account.

As a new customer we kinldy ask you to register with your company name and the details asked for. Please also give yourself a password!

Afterthis process is completed we will receive an email with the information about your registration. Should we have your contact details from a previous order or fair, we will be able to open your account immediately (within 2 working days normally). If we should not have your details, we will send you an email with some questions (are you a reseller, are you using our papers for production…). After having verified your answer, we will be able to open your account.

Once our account has been verified you will be ableto see our prices and order online. 


How can I open an account if I am a customer at Tudi Billo but never visited the website before?

Please click on „login/ registration“ (at the top right hand side), here you can open an account. Please enter your contact details and the requested details, as well as your own, personal password. Once this process is completed, we will receive an email informing us about your registaration, f we have all details needed, we will open your account and you will be able to see prices and place orders (normally within 2 working days). 


How to login if I registered already?

Please click on „login/ registration“ (at the top right hand side), here you can login to your account. 


I have forgotten my password. What can i do? 

Please click on „login/ registration“ (top tight hand side), this will lead you to the login page. At the bottom you see the „Forgot your password“ button. Please click on the link and enter your email in the following mask. We will reset your password and you can issue your own password anew.





How can I order?

After having logged in to your account, you can either browse our site for new items or items you know already, or you can search for items by entering the item number in the „search“.

If you found an item you would like to order, a click on the item will lead you to the item details.

- here you can select the colour you would like to order (colour drop down menu), unless the item is delivered in assorted colours

- the minimum quantity to order is always mentioned in the quantity field. Should you require more than one „BE“ minimum quantit, please always enter a multiple of the original quantity.

- by clicking „add to cart“, the item will be added to your cart

- to proceed, search an additional item, add a second colour of the same item…

- to finish the order, please click on „my cart“ (top of the page right hand side), or checkout (middle of the page, right hand side).


Is there a minimum order value?

Yes, our minimum order value is €150,00. Should you have a really urgent customer request, please let us know by calling or sending an email. If we are able to help, we will be glad to do so, but our webshop can only accept orders over €150,00. (and please note, orders under €150,00 might be subject to a small surcharge, in general between € 5,00 – 10,00)


Where can I see my order?

You can check your recent order by clicking on „cart/ checkout“. This will show you an order confirmation holding all information about the items ordered. You can change quantities, cancel items… 


Can I resend an order which I placed in the past?

In the „Account“ Dashboard you will find „My Orders“, this leads you to your order list. You can check them, if you search for a special item you want to reorder, you can re-release them with the „Reorder“ button. If you reorder, you can still change quantities or cancel items in the following step.


How can I change my details?

In your „account“ Dashboard you have the possibilities to change and organize various information:

- „Account information“: this holds your ogin information to our webshop

- „Address book“: you can manage your delivrey and invoice addresses, add additional addresses

- „debit account data“ (customers within the EU only): your bank details will be saved here if you have already ordered with bank transfer. You can edit your bank details here, or you can contact us to let us change them.


What are your freight charges?

We base our freight charges on the actual weight of your shipment. As these reates charge every 3 months, we kindly ask you to accept that we are not giving any freight cost information with the order confirmation, but you will receive the Proforma Invoice with the information about the freight cost. Should you then have any further question on the way of shipping or the service used, please feel free to ask, we will be happy to find the best solution for you!


How long do I have to wait for my order?

We are alwways trying our best and to work off your order as fast as possible. Should you not hear from us within 5-7 working days after your order, can we kindly ask you to contact us and ask for your order? It might be that we have not received it due to network or other problems! Thank you!

In times when the workload is high, for example after the fairs in spring and autumn, it might taka longer than usual to prepare and deliver your order. In these cases you will hear of us within 3 days after receipt of your order and we will give you an update about when you can expect to receive the Proforma invoice. Thank you for your understanding!


Can I mention a seperate invoice and delivery address?

When releasing your order, you have the possibility o give us a delivery and a billing address. If these are options you will need in future as well, you can save these to your address book in the same step. Or you can first go to your address book and „add a new address“ with the link in the right hand top corner.


How can I cancel my order?

We are sorry, but our system is not able to cancel orders. So in case you want to cancel an order you have released by mistake, please send us a short message with the conact form, by email or just give us a call and we will cancel the order.





deliveries outside Germany 

- Advanced payment: After completing your order and the parcel we will send you a proforma invoice with the total amount to be paid and our payment details.

- SEPA-direct debit: We give a 3% discount for this method, debiting the amount 8 days after having shipped the goods. Please keep in mind that we need a dully filled and signed SEPA-debit mandate to be authorised to collect the amount from your account. We will send this mandate by email and would ask you to sign it and send it back to us.

- Cash on delivery: the invoice amount will be collected by the delivery company. Please note that this way of payment involves increased freight costs, as the shipping companies charge extra for this service. We will let you know the costs with the proforma invoice. 



General questions


How can I see what a colour looks like?

To facilitate imaginning a colour, you find the „colour band“ at the bottom of the page. This shows all colours sorted by colour number. If you hover over the colour band it will give you a bigger picture of the colour including the colour # and the colour name. If you are searching for a special colour, it might be best to start at one end and hover in one direction. If you require, please ask us to add a coloru chart to your order. 


How can I find a certain item?

You have the item number at hand:

please enter the item number in the „Search“. Should the item not be found and you are sure the item number is correctly entered, it could be that we have taken the item from our range. In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone to ask if we still dohave stock of this item, or should you require quantities, if we can reorder the item for you.

You do NOT have the item number:

you can search the categories for the item, for example a card with stars: Cards_Christmas

or you can enter „stars“ in the „Search“, this will show you all items with stars. You can number them down by choosing the category of the item you are searching

Should you still not be able to find the item, please feel free to either send a picture to us by email, or to call us and describe the item, we might be able to help you find it.


What to do if I do not find an item?

Should the item not be found and you are sure the item number is correctly entered, it could be that we have taken the item from our range, as we need to reduce our program in order to be able to add novelties twice a year. In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone to ask if we still do have stock of this item, or should you require quantities, if we can reorder the item for you. Please do not hesitate to ask for our conditions for special orders.


Where can I mention special requests?

At the end of the order process you will find an „order comment“ section. This gives you space to ask for special requests, inform us about later delivery dates or whatever you would like to share with us. But you can also feel free to contact us by email (post@tudi-billo.de), by phone (+49 5542 910167) or fax (+49 5542 910168) any time!


Where can I see and feel Tudi Billo prodcts?


If you want to see our products in real before ordering, you are kindly invited to see us at one of the trade shows. You find a list of trade shows we are taking part in under „Fairs“ at the bottom of the page. In case you do not go to any of the fairs mentioned, and prefer to order by catalogue, please kindly contact us and ask for our printed catalogues. Or if you happen to come near, you are welcome to visit our warehouse. But please note that it is a warehouse and not a showroom, so goods are packed and stacked, but you are still welcome to go „shopping“ there. If you want to visit us, please contact us a few days in advance. Thank you!


How can I find retail shops that sell Tudi Billo products?

First of all, thank you for your interest in our items. To find a shop that sells our goods near you, please visit the „Search retailer“ page (link at the bottom of the page, in the middle). This will show you a list of our customers, in Germany, sorted by post code, or all over the world. Should you not find a customer near you, please feel free to contact us by email and we will check if there is a customer near you, as the list does only show a part of our customers. Thank you again for your interest!